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Understanding the specific complexities of ADHD or PTSD in the couple’s relationship is fundamental in navigating reconnection, getting back on track and effectively dealing with relationship issues. My specialized training in PTSD and ADHD Couple Therapy brings much-needed insight into the unique challenges ADHD and PTSD can bring to couple relationships.

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Couple Therapy for ADHD

ADHD can create added demands in a couple’s relationship due to the imbalance created by one or both partners’ struggles with inattention, impulsivity, emotional regulation, disorganization, or other symptoms of ADHD.

Research indicates that about 60% of couples living with ADHD are strained and stressed by the condition. With ADHD Couple Therapy you can get help needed to better manage ADHD and rebalance your relationship.

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Couple Therapy for PTSD

Most conventional therapies for PTSD have been focused on the individual. We offer a therapy specifically designed to simultaneously improve individual PTSD and enhance the couple relationship.

Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (CBCT) is a therapy developed by Dr. Candice Monson. Dr. Monson is one of the foremost experts on intimate relationships and PTSD, and the use of couple therapy to treat traumatic stress reactions.

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Your Relationship and ADHD: Share Your Insights

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