Mindfulness for ADHD (8-week group series)

Improve your focus and attention, control of your emotions, and work on self-acceptance and self-compassion while improving core ADHD symptoms, including inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and executive function

In our 8-week Mindfulness for ADHD workshop, you will learn more about ADHD and the benefits of mindfulness and get ADHD-friendly step-by-step guidance to develop a mindfulness practice. Meet new people, have fun and learn a variety of mindfulness practices that range from sitting to moving, from formal to informal styles – find out what works for you!

Mindfulness for ADHD is based on Mindfulness Awareness Practice (MAPs) for ADHD developed by Lidia Zylowska. This group is for adults with an ADHD diagnosis who are interested in a mindfulness-based approach to manage their ADHD symptoms better and improve their well-being.

Small groups allow for an enhanced group experience. Online and in-person options and one-on-one counselling are available (for an additional fee) before, during or after the group series.

The group meets for eight (weekly) 2-hour sessions.

When: Thursdays

Start: Feb 16, 2023

Time: 6:30-8:30 PM

Place: Aspen Grove Counselling 1925 – 18th Ave NE Calgary

Investment: $60/week ($480 for the 8-week series)

Weekly Topics