Summer is a great time to de-stress, relax, and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.  It can also be an excellent time to focus on self-care, including ADHD counselling.

Therapy in summer can create a sense of structure during a time when you may feel at loose ends. It can be a time to evolve and discover better ways to manage life’s challenges before the pressures of workload and workplace relationships derail your good intentions.

Suppose you’re just starting or going back to college or university. In that case, you might find that counselling can boost your confidence as you adjust to the added independence and the increased need for self-direction and organization. You may also benefit from additional support and guidance for the often tricky transition from high school to a post-secondary institution’s less supportive environment. 

Therapy can be an excellent opportunity to share past experiences and learn new ways to solve problems or relate to others. A trusted counsellor can help you navigate all the changes and new challenges. In addition, it can be a good time to re-focus on your values, goals, and hopes for the future.

So whatever your plans are for summer, include some self-care and take a few minutes to consider if you would benefit from counselling.